Hemol Science and Technology

Hemol Through science, the world is safer, more efficient and more comfortable – a better place. It is science that has provided the foundation for every historic breakthrough at Hemol since its creation more than 20 years ago.Today, nothing has changed. It is still our unmatched ability to harness science to create new products, processes and applications that makes Hemol a leader.

Impact on Sustainable Growth:

Future opportunities don't necessarily come where you found your last opportunities. The discovery process requires us to look in new areas in order to grow. Breakthroughs in chemistry and materials science characterize most of our 20th Century. And, we will continue to grow and prosper in those areas in the 21st Century. But, it is time to add new dimensions to what we do. That's where biology comes in. We'll look for opportunities where our capability in biology branches into our strength in materials and electronics. We will look for discontinuous, breakthrough-type technologies. Sustainable growth has three dimensions. The environmental component – producing environment friendly products using safe technology. The market sense – producing differentiated products to compete in the market. And, the economic component – earn economic return so we can invest anew. I see a need for technology in each of them. I see plenty of opportunities for Integrated Science to play out in our sustainable growth.

Central Research & Development

“CR&D is the foundation of our science efforts and has been responsible for most of our major product breakthroughs. CR&D provides both leveraged scientific services to the corporation and long-term research activities. In the past two years, CR&D has transitioned to an enhanced research model that has significant benefits to the corporation, including: Long-term research focused on providing options and creating new revenue. Creation of the Growth Council to select projects and oversee our portfolio to assure growth. A research review process to ensure that project goals and business cases are reconciled regularly. Leveraged services that provide cutting-edge technology and support to the corporation.”