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Hemol is a chemical company which produce high quiality products based on lipid-esters. Laundry & Home Care has always played an important role for Hemol: The Company’s success story started with a product from this business sector.From our long tradition we have a well-balanced portfolio of International, regional and local brands. Hemol offers a multitude of applications to satisfy the needs of different target groups – consumers as well as craftsmen and industrial businesses. It all began on June 21, 1982, when the very first delivery of chemicals left the Hemol facility in Skopje, Macedonia. This historical milestone marked the birth of a business segment in which Hemol is now regional market leader.


We are very active in the research for making our products more environmentally friendly. So we're concerned with all that goes into Flora products, as well as how we package them. And here are two new products that are guaranteed to help you consider the environment while you wash, Flora Active Oxi & Flora - Tablets


Chemical engineering know-how can be credited with improving the conversion of raw foodstuffs into safe consumer products of the highest possible quality. Chemical engineers routinely develop advanced materials and techniques used for, among other things, chemical and heat sterilization, advanced packaging, and monitoring and control, which are essential to the highly automated facilities for the high-throughput production of safe food products.

HEMOL-B-20 User Guide

HEMOL-C-30 User Guide


Drilling fluids are broadly defined as fluids used to perform specific vital functions while drilling a hole in the earth. The principal components of drilling fluids include water, hydrocarbons and gas or combinations of all three. Additives are available to create or modify base fluid properties in order to enhance drill cutting removal and formation protection.


Antifoams are used to prevent foam from occurring and to break undesired foams. Foams are sometimes used as the drilling fluid; when the foam is no longer required, it has to be broken. Antifoams also help break foams generated, and fines stabilized, during the drilling operation. Click here for more information.

Cementing Additives:

    Cementing additives are used during and after the drilling function, when casing strings have to be cemented into the well bore. The cement must adhere to the casing as well as the formation. A host of additives are available that modify slurry properties to allow service companies to design a slurry for each individual well, which can be put in place to provide the necessary bonding.

    Functions of the cement include:

  •  Sealing and isolating the formation.
  •  Protecting the casing from burst, collapse, drilling shock and corrosive fluid.
  •  Maintaining control of the well.
  •  Repairing of casings and for zone abandonment.


Car Wash Concentrated Powder is a fast, efficient wash powder for your entire vehicle including vinyl tops, windows, and chrome surfaces. Strong enough to float off dirt and grime without harming finish or waxed surfaces. Phosphate free and biodegradable. Alkaline detergent for use in high pressure cleaning equipment. Rapidly removes extreme dirt of all types residue-free, without leaving a grey haze. The product dissolves itself easily and residue free in water.